I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 57-60 - From Opportunities

Once in Hollywood, Kevin discovered the value of his new-found wealth as well as the rate at which his expenses ate through it. Regardless, he treated his mom well and she made sure his confidence stayed through the roof at all times. While his holding deal prevented him from taking on any other work, once it expired, a floodgate of stress from looking for a new deal emerged for the star. This stress filtered down to his personal life as well. Drinking kept his stress at bay and like all other hopefuls, “networking” was the best drinking excuse for Kevin.

Against the advice of Keith Robinson and his brother, he and Torrei end up getting married, and while his mom didn’t bar him, she only asked he treat her well, something he believed he messed up from the first day of their marriage.

As the job search continues, Kevin makes a drastic change of approach and hits the nail on the head by being himself and going after roles that fit who he is. This earned him a comedy audition which he lands on the first try. He also gets to write his own material, a concept that made his work stand out and reminded him of an earlier idea he had thought of. Through Dave, he meets Stephen Engle, with whom he begins a new sitcom project right after finishing filming Scary Movie 3. Together, they  film a pilot for the sitcom with his family in the audience. The TV sitcom, which now has the name, “the Big House,” gets picked up by ABC at the same time he gets the leading role in Soul Plane.


The foremost idea presented in this section is the transience of money: how having a huge sum after a lengthy period of lacking money ensures its quick exhaustion and that paperless cash can be detrimental. Alongside this concept, Kevin exposes the reader to the reality that alcohol does not provide any solution to problems and alludes to its capacity to create new personal quarrels.

On a more positive note, in his anticipation of the future, he humorously describes a conversation with an imaginary fan, an explanation of his hopes and dreams for his career. Eventually, his break comes when he stops trying to be someone he’s not, and instead pursues roles authentic to who he ism.

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