I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 61-64 - From Obstacles

While he was brainstorming episode ideas, Kevin gets invited to New York by ABC executives to headline the announcement along with the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, the show is canceled while they prepare to go on stage and he gets consolation from everyone but  the ABC executives. Dave does his best to get to the bottom of the situation, but Kevin who realizes the futility of doing that decides to instead engage himself in enjoying the weekend. This is exactly what his dad would have done, and his optimism gets noticed. While he keeps busy with his movie Soul Plane, Kevin learns that smoking marijuana can lead to his detriment.

Out of the blue, ABC reinstates his show. Kevin awaits a written confirmation  but in the meantime decides to get the cast back on track and continue developing episode material. Not too long after, ABC one again cancels the show. Much to his dismay, Soul Plane gets hit with copyright infringement that leads to complete financial failure for the film.

This new-found failure made Kevin feel “toxic” and like he’s on the wrong side of his career. On the financial side, his new-found fame and fortune had led him to maintain a certain kind of lifestyle and he made every effort to keep up with his peers. But soon, his expenditures caught up with him. Work was scarce and his reaction to the situation was one he hadn’t felt all his life, bitterness. As his heart grew weary the name Hart became more frowned upon, but he soon realized all he needed was to keep working so he heads back into comedy.


Kevin had presented his optimism throughout the book making the best out of every situation. On the downside, his can-do attitude lands him in a marijuana stupor blind and unable to function on the set of Soul Plane. This experience shows how peer pressure can be an issue not just for teenagers, but also for adults.

Also, the release of bootleg copies of Soul Plane serves as a bleak reminder of society’s consciousness toward copyrights as well as consumer's obligation to support those who create our entertainment. Surprisingly, Kevin's dad takes part in bootlegging his work. This shows how even his family is oblivious to the harm actors and producers endure from this crippling financial activity. Nevertheless,  Kevin’s choice to go back on the road doing stand-ups is an example of keeping the ball rolling in the face of failure and making the most of one’s talents and skills when external forces affect our dreams.

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