I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 65-70 - From Loss

After a number of deals and contracts, Kevin was now in debt, but he was determined to ensure his road performance years would end in success. He got a personal appearance manager with whom he didn’t feel satisfied and decided to get a road manager instead to help him achieve his destined success. But, as fate would have it, his life had more to offer and his wife became pregnant.

A new Chapter_had unraveled in Kevin’s life. Fatherhood beckoned and he responded with gladness breaking Hart family tradition. However, his definition of care had him move out temporarily to keep from harming his unborn child. While their daughter brought in a new aura, Kevin’s constant traveling resulted in the type of fights he had worked hard to avoid.

Regardless, he continued on his path and resolved to get a fan base that would widen his appeal. Social media provided the perfect platform for this. When it came to merchandise, he had to improvise, but at least he had begun to own his brand and enjoyed some semblance of calm at home. But the fights and disagreements re-emerged at home and Torrei confessed to purposefully “pushing his buttons.”

Kevin’s luck changed when Katt Williams, one of his competitors, got into legal trouble giving him an opportunity to take over for his movie role in Bigg Bunny. To ensure he got the role and in an attempt at method acting, Kevin bought an actual bunny for his audition to show the writers his ideas were the most authentic. He got the job and he had to spend three months in Australia away from his young family. They later informed him of his bunny’s death when they came for a visit.

While in Australia, his brother called with news of more impending death. Their mom had denied medical care for her cervical cancer and was only getting worse. Always opposites, his dad wanted all the treatment he could get for lung cancer. Eventually, both his parents passes, however, Kevin’s observation was that the universe still kept on moving forward while he mourned. So, he chose to keep on going as well.


Learning about all the facets and the structure of the occupation one is involved in is important in growth and progress. And while aiming for success, one must have room for the unexpected such as parenthood. Parenthood and surprises in general are major themes in this section. Although parenthood is unexpected for Kevin, he has to make a choice of whether to respond to it positively or negatively. Ultimately, care for the children in a marriage is all that counts, even if it mean de-prioritizing self-preservation.

Always one to find the comedic side of a situation, Kevin hypothesized that leaving his bunny in search of wild carrots to feed him was actually the cause of his bunny’s death.  In his understanding of nature, he chooses life over death and moves on with the universe instead of being left behind while mourning.

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