I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 71-73 - From Independence

Immediately after their mom’s death, Kevin and his brother find a family tree that led them to their half-siblings, and Torrei got pregnant again. While all of this happened, Kevin got more work which meant more absence and hence more fights with Torrei. On the bright side, when home life got worse, he got more material for his shows, so he kept on going.

As work got more demanding, so did his family needs. Then he and other comedians in his circle decided to work exclusively with Terrence, an agent who ended up swindling them all. Kevin had to swallow the failure and turned to tour manager Nate Smith to help get him job opportunities. Working with Nate was a new experience that was finically rewarding, but came at the cost of his reputation and relations with his client base.

Thanks to his persistence doing auditions, Kevin eventually got a role in Meet Dave where he got to work with comedy icon Eddie Murphy. Though the film bombed at the box office, he got Eddie’s advice for his first hour-long-special. With all the material in hand, his wife maxed out their credit card and he had to “wittingly” or illegally write cheques he couldn't cover to get the family and crew to the venue. Kevin left Nate behind to ensure “peace at home,” essentially  sending Torrei to New York to shoulder the blame when  her mom learned of the card misuse. Luckily, his special worked out fine and so did his finances after Comedy Central bought the special.


Humor is evident when Kevin describes the three stages he goes through after the death of his mother., However, for the Harts, the discovery of the family tree leads them to the pain of being part of a polygamous family, whom they don’t know, but share names with.  It is ironic that work cause domestic trouble for Kevin, but that the troubles at home in return result in positive material for this work. This trap causes him to risk criminal prosecution to get his special show filmed, but for Kevin, pursuing this step in his career is all about persistence.

This section also brings to light different styles of talent management and the effects they have on clients and their success. While hiring Nate got Kevin more consistent work and pay, he realized he was able to better enjoy work when focusing on great relations even if his earnings were less. Realizing that there is more to a career than just the monetary incentives and that considerable value lies in day-to-day interactions, the quality of the workplace environment, and relationships with one’s colleagues shows a budding maturity any employee with respect to their life direction.

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