I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 74-81 - From Team Building

After performing at a convention where Kevin has little expectations, he is surprised to find that he has gained traction. He is faced with a tough decision —  either to get Nate in line and get his cooperation or to drop him. After a while, Kevin hired a personal appearance agent and determined he wanted a team of people he trusted to surround him. Thus, he assembled the Plastic Cup Boys. This expensive, well-oiled comedy crew included Nate_-_manager), Joey_-_host), Spank_-_opener), Na’im_-_feature), and of course Kevin_-_closing comedian). As the team got busier, they unofficially added security guard Wayne to their circle mainly for travel and security purposes.

On one of their comedy tours, Kevin invites Torrei, and when she and a friend went on a drug run, they got into an a fight and a run-in with cycling police. The police  caught up with the crew because of Nate’s slow driving. Luckily, Kevin’s celebrity status was just enough to get him out of this jam. The situation also allowed him an easy out with Nate, whom he finally fired.. This situation was an example of the type of relationship  that became a signature identity of the Plastic Cup Boys. Each member having their strengths and weakness well understood and equally exploited.

As Kevin’s brand grew and generated interest, he decided to do a second special. He starts to generate material for it, but instead, uses 23 minutes of it in Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam. This “best worst decision” does more for his career than any other comedy bit he had done.

As his comedy career kept getting better, his personal life kept getting worse and after a string of affairs and cascade of lies, a woman with a snake tattoo exposes their affair to Torrei. He attempts to make it up to Torrei but their relationship is so far gone that he decides to leave the marriage on a permanently at age 30 as a result of what the couple mutually perceived as irreconcilable differences.


This section provides another glimpse at drug abuse and its violent and reckless impact on Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boys. While the positive aspects of the group’s teamwork are evident_-_the team gets more done than Kevin could have on his own), Kevin’s infidelity gets in the way of success in all parts of his life. As his marriage ends, Kevin ruminates on how his personal life mirrors the failures that his own father made in his marriage to Hart’s mother. This reality highlights the cyclical nature of family and history as well as the tribulations of young irresponsible couples.

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