I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 82-89 - From Breakthrough

Once his separation from Torrei finalized, Kevin began able to focusing more energy into his work. Though he got offers worth millions of dollars, he decides to turn them all down to maintain his brand. He tests the waters with 2,500 capacity theaters and then does a Seriously Funny Special in Cleveland in the absence of Torrei and his children.

Time passed, and eventually Kevin found a love and a relationship with Eniko, who became his girlfriend. While Kevin and Eniko had disputes, it was never as violent as with Torrei. This time, Kevin recounts that their relationship felt more natural, like a part of life’s flow. As always, the tabloids soon caught on to it. While Torrei made the bad tabloid situation worse by speaking to the press, Eniko and Kevin worked out an understanding and made the most out of their relationship and moved in together. Their relationship’s foundation on greater trust and a greater willingness to talk and consult with each other helped its development.

During a writing session with a friend, Kevin presents his family history and this generates content for his next special, Laugh at My Pain, which he chose to release as a theatrical film. On his way to catch a flight for the project, he met film producer Will Packer and discussions for the movie Think Like a Man began. After reading the book and script, Kevin was ready to do the movie, and Will had the star he needed to build a cast around. However, financial success made Plastic Cup Boys a little reckless and harmful. They turned to betting as a pastime. But when one of the boys almost kills John, they shift focus away from better and instead use their time and energies to help Wayne lose weight.

By turning down $750,000, Kevin’s choice resulted in better, more successful opportunities. His risk paid off as his other projects were more fruitful: Laugh at My Pain made $8 million at the box office and and Think Like a Man made $92 million. Risks often consist of counterintuitive decisions that pay off in unexpected ways, and Kevin Hart’s breakout success in this Chapter_are a prime example of how risk made with a long-term emphasis can pay off handsomely.


This section reveals that the key to make tough situations work is learning when to let go and seek new opportunities that broadens horizons. People often find themselves stuck in various sorts of inertia - they do not feel compelled enough to extricate themselves from a bad or harmful situation despite knowing better. They settle. This concept is clear when Kevin becomes a better parent and comedian after he ends his violent and toxic marriage to Torrei. However, he makes it very clear that civility is of utmost importance in such situations, regardless of the wrongs of the other party.

As for success, it is presented as being addictive as well as destructive if not taken in moderation. One must not let success cloud one’s judgment and while it is alright to celebrate success, one must also think about how to act prudently after success. That said, success also cannot be achieved without risk and learning from failure. Gambling is portrayed as an addictive trap that works based off inducing feelings of success. It does not only consume hard-earned resources, but risks lives as well as sanity when taken to the extreme. With regard to relationships, violence and promiscuity can also destroy loving relationships.

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