I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 90-96 - From Success

Kevin’s career was certainly headed in the right direction and all the seeds he had sown began to grow into meaningful opportunities. Now a Hollywood “newcomer,”  his failure to get cast in the past wasn’t personal. It was actually an asset, and after 7 years, he had become the best investment for casting directors. This then gave him freedom of choice where he had been desperate. While he prepared to do Think Like a Man Too, he also prepared for the Let Me Explain comedy tour where he got to meet Chris Rock and Jay-Z at Madison Square Gardens. Both gave him a better sense of what his dream meant in reality.  To his dismay, he got “threatened” with scripts instead of sex by groupies.

With success came again the need for a pastime As they had moved on from harmful betting and were beyond partying, video games became a new addiction. But video games were an easy gateway back to gambling. For Kevin, his gambling was so prolific he lost enough money to cover casino staff salaries and furniture purchases.

Besides the video games and gambling, Kevin also got into problems with alcohol. As he likes to put it, it was alcohol that had a problem with him, making him think that everything was a toilet and preventing him from realizing when he was drunk. This addiction ensured he lost millions from potential gigs. His addiction was so bad that he chose to quit driving and hired a driver. The drive though ended up quitting when Kevin peed in his hat. These battles with addictions though ultimately led him to focus on self-betterment, that itself resulted in a better relationship with both Torrei and Eniko.

As Kevin continued getting the success he worked hard for, he made the mistake of taking on more than he could handle by attempting to doing his own stunts. Eventually, he injured his spine after falling to the floor. This incident alerted him to the reason why he had a stuntman in the first place and he immediately consented to it. He put his energies instead toward his promotional tour for Ride Along with Ice Cube. This helped grow his public demand abroad, a strategy that resulted in success for Universal as well as his own brand.

At the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Kevin contemplated his life — past, present, and future — as he prepared for the Now What? tour at the heart of his hometown. In his mind, his work ethic came from his mom and he would always be eternally grateful to her for it. He then set out to tour the globe forcing him to overcome his fear of foreign diseases, beheadings, and third world prisons.

On his African tour, his comedic talent earned him the name “Mpho,” which means “gift” in the local language. Kevin truly believes that all successful people, including Steve Harvey, Hale Berry, and James Cameron, have challenges but fought through them to get to where they are. Therefore, we all have to learn not to take failure personally and develop the strength to wield the benefits of the rewards we ultimately receive.


By keeping his work ethic strong and having a team he could trust, Kevin made himself a force of nature in comedy. This greater success came with even more temptations and potential pitfalls in the form of gambling, video games, and alcohol.  While he dealt with all the addictions, he lost millions of dollars before he came to grips with the need to take care of his alcoholism. As he discovers his tolerance for alcohol, he also learns his tolerance for physical stunts. He comes to realize he needs to keep his body safe and in shape, ready to cross oceans and scale mountains to get everything life has to offer him.

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