Into the Wild
Jon Krakauer
Contributed by Sherie Debus
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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapters 1-2

Summary: Chapter 1

Jim Gallien, an electrician, picks up a teenage hitchhiker, Alex, outside Fairbanks in Alaska. Alex disc...

Chapters 3

Summary: Chapter 3

In Carthage, a tiny South Dakota town, Westerberg describes Chris McCandless to Krakauer. The reader kno...

Chapters 4-5

Summary: Chapter 4

In October 1990, a National Park Service ranger finds a yellow Datsun car in a dry riverbed in Lake Mead...

Chapters 6-7

Summary: Chapter 6

The narrator and author of Into the Wild gets a letter from Ronald A. Franz, a recovered alcoho...

Chapters 8-9

Summary: Chapter 8

Jon Krakauer explains the reception of his 1993 OutdoorMagazine article about McCandle...

Chapters 10-11

Summary: Chapter 10

Jim Gallien, the Alaskan who gave Christopher McCandless his final ride to Alaska, sees a front-page ne...

Chapters 12-13

Summary: Chapter 12

Krakauer provides a series of anecdotes to give the rationale behind McCandless’s trip into the wild ...

Chapters 14-15

Summary: Chapter 14

The narrator introduces a story from his own past to complicate the idea that McCandless had gone into ...

Chapters 16

In mid-April 1992, Christopher leaves Carthage, South Dakota, for the first phase of his trip to Denali National Park. An RV deliveryman named Gayl...

Chapters 17

Krakauer visits the bus exactly a year after Christopher turned away from the Teklanika River. He along with his three companions uses his topograp...

Chapters 18-Epilogue

Summary: Chapter 18

Failing to cross the Teklanika River, Christopher returns to the bus. He hunts in search of food and wh...

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