Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë
Contributed by Katlyn Weinert
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Chapter 9

As their friendship develops, Annette begins to ask more and more questions about Kim’s home and the fact that Kim is never home after school. Eventually Kim confesses that she has to help her mother with work, and it seems like Annette may try to make this a political cause, despite Kim’s protests. Then the time comes for Kim to take her test to prove she wasn’t cheating. Kim does so well that she gets to skip ahead two years into the accelerated science and math program.

Matt offers to take Kim to where his father works. This comes as a surprise to Kim, since she had been told his father was dead. After they bike across the town at top speed, they get to the hidden gambling hut that Matt’s father was in. Matt gives his father more money to bet, and reveals to Kim that his father lives with a new girlfriend. After this happens, Kim feels much closer to Matt than she had before.

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