Killers of the Flower Moon
David Grann
Contributed by Shemika Thormahlen
Chapter 11

Hoover seems to demand updates of the case every now and then, and in case White fails to do so, he complains. He also believes that Necia Kenny, a white woman married to an Osage man, might be the key figure leading to a break in the case. Kenny accuses A. W. Comstock of being part of the conspiracy; but she has some mental issues, and White does not know the exact thing to do with information from her or Comstock, who works closely with investigators. However, White has refused to reveal confidential records despite Comstock regularly coming to see him, asking on the progress of the case, and subsequently providing insightful findings.

White is dealing with the last suspect in Anna’s case, Bryan Burkhart (Mollie’s brother-in-law; Ernest’s brother). However, he thinks that it is impossible that Bryan could have killed Anna since his alibi seems genuine and is confirmed by different people, including his uncle and aunt. In the town of Ralston, But White establishes the first crack in Bryan’s story after interviewing a farmer and his wife, who had seen Anna on the night she disappeared in a car with Bryan. Another witness confirms the story. White tries to create a timeline of the places and the events that took place after Anna and Bryan left Ralston, and he finds out there was a third unknown man involved. Even Bryan’s uncle had been lying since he, too, was spotted with Anna that night.


The act of Hoover pressing White to give him updates portray his worry about the case and its importance to his career. He wants to ensure that the case is proceeding well, and he feels the need to exercise his power over White. Furthermore, his belief in Necia Kenny’s story depicts the worry that has driven him into wanting the case to be solved. White continues to work with Comstock despite the suspicions held by Hoover; but he fails to share any confidential information since he knows that such an action might hurt his investigation. While he does not trust Comstock, he intends to keep him close due to the insights he offers on the case.

At first, Bryan’s alibi seems airtight considering that Ernest, his uncle, and his aunt confirm the story he gives. However, the introduction of other witnesses changes everything, placing him at various stops with her, while he — at time said — said otherwise. Besides Bryan appearing to know a lot more about Anna’s death than what he has shared, and that his involvement is immense, his uncle and aunt also seem to be part of the plot as their testimonies have since been debunked. The mystery comes after the mention of the third man, given that he is not known or identified by anyone.

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