Killers of the Flower Moon
David Grann
Contributed by Shemika Thormahlen
Chapter 12

White believes that there is a mole in the bureau since confidential information seems to get into the hands of unauthorized individuals. Some of the private investigators try to blow Morrison’s cover, and Burger believes that someone must be paying them to cause the havoc. He advises Morrison to be careful while White advises his undercover team to stay alert. Pike, a private investigator hired by Hale in 1921, uses an intermediary and says that he knows the third man; subsequently, he attempts to extort the bureau, but is later arrested and questioned. He reveals that Hale hired him to conceal the whereabouts of Bryan on the night of Anna’s death by fabricating information. He also mentions that, apart from Hale and Bryan, Ernest was also often present during their meetings about the case.


The issue of betrayal is common, especially in conspiracies. The Osage investigations is highly flawed due to corruption, as well as agents working secretly with the enemy. The issue of information reaching unauthorized individuals makes the investigation difficult while placing the lives of agents and informants at risk. Morrison is a valuable informant to the bureau, but the agents attempt to expose him so that they can obstruct justice. White asks his team to be careful while trying to gather information due to the corruption and betrayal evident inside the Bureau. The emergence of Pike brings into light various things indicating that Hale, Bryan, and Ernest might be involved in the murder of Anna. If true, this would be absurd considering their relationship with Mollie and her family, and the deaths of Rita, Minnie, and Lizzie — all of whom come from the same family.

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