Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 10

Katniss is shocked with the way Peeta acted. Everyone around her starts freaking out. Haymitch announces that this is Peeta’s way of warning them that an attack on District 13 is bound to happen soon. President Coin thinks this is not possible, but orders people to prepare as if an attack is bound to happen just to be on the safe side. Katniss experiences the extreme measure that District 13 does in order to protect everybody. They’re all required to check in electronically. Plutarch tells her that she must appear calm and collected, as people will be looking to her for courage.

Once everybody goes to their assigned zones, the attack on District 13 starts. Peeta was right—the Capitol was indeed planning to attack. Katniss draws closer to her family for comfort during the attack. President Coin announces that everybody should stay in their places until the attack is finished. Katniss’ mother leaves to go to the medical area. She starts talking with her sister. Prim admitted that she wants to get medical training to be able to help out. The sisters realize that Peeta is the last tool that the Capitol has against Katniss and was willing to use him in every way possible to break her.


The Capitol finally decides to attack District 13 to send a message. Peeta was most probably tortured further after warning them about the bombing.

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