Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 11

It took several days for the attacks on District 13 to stop. Katniss and Finnick meet up in the middle of the night to discuss tactics. She realizes that the Capitol is using the same strategy that they used on Finnick: destroying a loved one to drive her crazy. He tells her that she can try and tie knots on a rope so she can cope with the stress. The next day, they all go to the Special Defense area where they meet up with Boggs and Gale, along with the authorities of District 13. They learn that they need to go above ground to see the damage inflicted by the attacks so they can use it as a backdrop for the next propos.

They move all over the area and realize that Peeta did the district a great favor by warning them of the attack. While trekking back to the Justice Building, they find a bunch of roses on the ground, with Katniss immediately knowing that it’s another message from President Snow. Katniss feels so upset that she burst into tears while filming the next propos. She freaks out about what might happen to Peeta and gets drugged to be calmed down. Once she wakes up, Haymitch explains to her what happened while she was asleep. The rebels are going to the Capitol to save Peeta, as well as Annie, Finnick’s sweetheart. He then admits that Boggs and Gale are part of the group that went to the rescue mission.


President Snow continues playing mind games against Katniss to break her down.

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