Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 14

Katniss describes what District 2 looks like. It’s located at the center of a mountain that’s called The Nut by the rebels. It’s a place where the Capitol stores their supplies, as well as where they get some of their armed forces. The Nut is hidden, difficult to attack and very easy to defend, hence the Capitol’s interest in it. Katniss focuses on fighting to keep her mind off of Peeta. Plutarch tells her that Peeta is improving, something that Haymitch contradicts. Reinforcements are sent to District 2 to help out. Gale and Beetee arrive as well. Gale and Katniss find themselves alone and started talking about their relationship: about how Gale thinks it’s unfair for Katniss to be torn between the two of them. They kiss and Gale stops the moment—saying that Katniss isn’t stable enough to make a decision right now.

The next day, they start creating a new plan to attack The Nut. Katniss realizes that the District 2 commander, Lyme, is a former winner of the Games. Gale suggests a plan to attack The Nut: create an avalanche to keep everyone inside from escaping.


Katniss starts to notice the vengeance living within Gale and thinks if she could still recognize him or not.

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