Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 17

After a week, both of the girls find themselves getting stronger compared to before. During their evening meal, they sit together with Gale, Delly, Annie, and Finnick and enjoy a good conversation. Things suddenly became awkward when Peeta arrived and asked if he could sit with them. Johanna welcomes him. Finnick and Annie leave the table to avoid the awkwardness. All of them at the table started arguing, with Katniss and Gale leaving together. That night, Katniss thinks about how Peeta and Johanna must have heard each other screaming when Snow was torturing them.


Katniss and Johanna both showcase the perseverance of true victors. They find solace and comfort with each other, as people have been trying to discourage them from doing anything.

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