Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 18

Katniss and Johanna continue with their training. The rebels have made a new form of simulation training called Simulated Street Combat (SSC) that simulates warfare that they can potentially encounter while in the Capitol. They’re filmed for media promotion while undergoing training. Things continue normally, until Peeta joins them for training. Plutarch says it’s for promotion purposes and they’re attempting to make Peeta and Katniss reunite, something that Katniss is against. Meanwhile, Johanna and Katniss are slated to take their pre-combat test. During Katniss test, she realizes that this is an attempt from the rebels to see if she’s able to follow their instructions while in the middle of battle. This goes against her instincts, but she continues to do so in order to pass. She’s sent to Command and notices that what she did is different from the others. Regardless, Bogss informs her that she’s been assigned to his squad, along with Gale and Finnick. Plutarch arrives and shows them a holographic version of the Capitol and explains that the area is full of “pod” or areas that have deadly weapons and traps.

Haymitch appears to inform Katniss that Johanna is having problems again. Her test included something that involved water, something that terrifies her, as it was part of Snow’s torture during her imprisonment at the Capitol. Katniss asks Boggs for permission to go above ground. She gathers some branches to create a token for Johanna. Johanna is happy with the gift that Katniss gave her, because it reminds her of District 7. She makes Katniss promise to go after Snow to retaliate for everything that he has done. After her visit, Katniss and the others continue training using the weapons Beetee created for them.

She gets upset when she gets told that their group will be filmed the most during the attack, something that is against her wishes as it makes it seem like everything is all for show. They head over to the Capitol in cycles and realizes that their attack will be primarily on the ground instead of aerial. Katniss memorizes a map of the streets, but she really wants a “Holo”, a special holographic map that is only issued to each team commander. It can turn into a mass suicide tool if the group becomes threatened of being captured. A pod ends up killing one of their team members, Leeg 2. A special replacement soldier is sent and everyone is shocked to find out that it’s actually Peeta. Katniss starts doubting why President Coin sent Peeta—it’s as if she wants Katniss dead.


Another manipulation of President Coin—by filming their team, they won’t be able to focus properly on the battle.

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