Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 20

Katniss hears another bomb go off and rushes to Boggs’ side. He demands for his Holo and Katniss runs off and finds it. One of their team members, Homes, tries desperately to save Boggs. Katniss gives the Holo to Boggs and he gives it officially to Katniss. More bombs go off and they retreat. Making things worse, Peeta has a breakdown and tries to attack Katniss once again. Mitchell, another one of their team members, struggles with Peeta. Peeta, setting off a net full of lethal spikes, pushes him into another pod. A wave of dark gunk descends upon them, leaving them no choice but to take refuge inside one of the houses. Boggs reminds Katniss to take the Holo and continue on. He tells her to not trust anyone and that she should kill Peeta—until he took his last breath. Finnick and Castor announce that they aren’t safe inside the house and that they’re now being watched by the Capitol.

Jackson demands Katniss to hand over the Holo to her and they fight. Katniss makes up a mission, that President Coin secretly ordered her to kill President Snow herself. Cressida sides with Katniss and ever makes up a reason why Peeta was sent there: to serve as their guide. Gale also sides with Katniss until Jackson came around and decides to help them out. Katniss thinks that there are still a lot of hidden traps that they aren’t aware of and that the only way they can continue is if they retrace their steps. They leave the house that they’re staying at and found an apartment a few blocks away. More bombs go off and they turn to the television to seek answers. The broadcast showed what happened to them and even named some of those who are with them. The house that they were staying at were bombed and it was shown that they were all killed during the attack. The whole team worries that people from District 13 might believe the news. Peeta suddenly speaks out and tell them that they should kill him.


Katniss is running out of people to trust. Peeta realizes that he’s another weapon sent by the Capitol to make sure that Katniss gets eliminated.

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