Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 4

Katniss prep team from the games—Octavia, Venia, and Flavius—have all been treated poorly and beaten. She asks them what happened and Venia reveals that rebels from District 13 kidnapped them when Katniss escaped from the Quarter Quell. Plutarch tells them that it was Cinna’s idea to have the three taken away, but didn’t know that the three of them would be treated that badly. The only reason they were imprisoned was because they stole some food. Katniss demands for them to be released, with Plutarch backing her up. They take the three prisoners to Katniss’ mother at the hospital to have them examined. Katniss thinks that this is President Coin’s way of showing citizens from Capitol that they’re not powerful in District 13. Katniss mother tells them that the team is all right, but won’t be able to do anything about them until the next morning.

Katniss and Gale have their midday meal and goes out to hunt right after. They’re only given a limited time to be outside and have trackers put on their body so that the people from District 13 can detect where they are. They pass through a protective fence and feel relieved that they can finally experience something that they used to do together back in District 12. After hunting, they start talking about the things that worry Katniss so much. Gale thinks it doesn’t make sense that Katniss has to worry about the prep team. They disagree and return underground.

Katniss and her family were assigned to new sleeping quarters, somewhere with the window so the cat can go out from time to time. After a nap, Katniss and her family attend a meeting where all of District 13 is required to attend. Katniss sees Finnick amongst the crowd and hollers out to him. He still appears to be mentally incapacitated, which reminds Katniss to seek protection for Annie, Finnick’s lover who has gone mad. Katniss approaches President Coin directly and decides that she really has to persuade the president into accepting all of the terms she has listed. Coin announces to everyone in the meeting that Katniss is now the Mockingjay, the symbol of the revolution. She explains all of the terms and conditions about their agreements and reveals that if Katniss fails to follow their orders, the whole deal is off.


Katniss feels normal again once she’s done hunting with Gale. However, they get into an argument again, which is evident about Gale’s frustration towards Katniss for worrying so much about Peeta.

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