Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 7

Katniss, Gale, and Boggs arrive at District 8, along with other soldiers, camera crew, and medical workers. They meet up with Commander Paylor, the woman in charge of overseeing the condition of District 8. They visit the hospital where all casualties and those injured by the bombing are gathered. People start recognizing Katniss and start lighting up and feeling better just with her presence alone. Katniss goes around and comforts people—realizing that she is indeed powerful. She’s powerful in a sense that she has the authority over people. After their visit, they regroup outside the hospital and Boggs gets a warning that an attack is coming towards District 8.

They all run and Katniss gets hit. Plutarch and Harmitch inform them about where they should hide, as they don’t want the Capitol to find out that Katniss is there. Gale tries to protect Katniss as they head towards a warehouse for protection. Katniss realizes that the bombs are aimed at the hospital. Katniss and Gale decide to go out and protect the hospital. They shoot at the bombers but could only do so much. During the whole commotion, the camera crew films them. Gale and Cresside pull Katniss away to stop her from doing anything else. Cresside tells them that President Snow made a telecast saying that the bombing was done to send out a message to the revolutionaries. Katniss makes a plea to the citizens of Panem and feels the power coursing throughout her body.

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