Suzanne Collins
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
Chapter 9

Katniss starts to wonder if everyone around her, including Gale, is telling her the truth. She picks a fight with him for interacting too much with President Coin. Despite their constant arguments, they’re forced to spend more time with each other, as they have to return to District 12 to film another propos. Plutarch tells them that things are going well as two more districts have taken their side. During their return to District 12, Katniss and Gale find it difficult to film in the ruins of their old homes. They take a lunch break and stumbles upon a Mockingjay. Katniss sings with the bird in order to demonstrate to Pollux how they work. She sings a song called “The Hanging Tree”, something that her father taught her to sing as a child. She gets annoyed when she realizes that the cameras on her, turning her private moment into something to their advantage.

Upon returning to District 13, Katniss sleeps through the rest of the day and finds Boggs telling her that there’s an unscheduled Command meeting that she needs to attend. During the meeting. Finnick explains that Beetee has developed new technology that allows them to gain access to the Capitol’s television broadcast system. They watched a part of another interview of Peeta, now looking worse than ever. He’s still pleading for a ceasefire and now, gives a direct warning for Katniss: They’re all in grave danger.

On their way back from break, Katniss and Gale come across a spot where they used to hunt together. She feels as if they no longer need each other anymore and that they’ve grown too far apart. They do more stuff to film for the propos. Gale accompanies Katniss to the house that she used to live in to gather some medical ingredients for her mother to use back in District 13. The two of them kiss.


Katniss is reminded of the privacy that she wants to regain to desperately. People have been using her most intimate moments to get what they want, making it difficult for her to act.

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