Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 19

Fagin left the house where the boys slept and went to visit Mr. Sikes.  Upon arrival, he found Nancy along with the other thief. He was not happy she was there just because he was afraid she would go nuts on him again.  Sikes and he discussed a job they had been planning, and Sikes said it was doomed to fail because their "flash" man, Toby Crackit, could get no one to open the door for them.  They then decided that they would use a small boy to enter the house and open the door for them. Nancy guesses that Fagin means to use Oliver for the job. Fagin tells her she’s correct, and says Oliver will eventually make them a fortune because of his innocent looking face.  They decide to do the job the night after the next day, and Fagin agrees that Oliver will be ready to deliver. The Jew returns home to prepare Oliver for the task, but instead of waking him, he lets him sleep.

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