Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 25

Fagin, Charlie Bates, the Dodger, and Tom were all sitting in the hideout late one evening. The boys began teasing Tom about his affection for Betsy, and Fagin began discussing it as well.  They heard that someone was at the front door, and were very careful in answering it. When they discovered that the visitor was Toby Crackit they brought him inside startled that he was alone without Bill and Oliver.  Toby asked for food and drink before he would tell his tale, and so Fagin supplied him with the requested provisions. Finally, Toby asked them where Sikes was and Fagin became upset. Toby then told the tale of the robbery and how Oliver had been shot.  He said that he and Bill separated and left Oliver in the ditch because they were trying to save themselves. At this Fagin screamed and left the building terribly angry and upset that he lost Oliver. 

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