Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 26

Fagin wandered the streets and went to the market place where the thieves sell their wares. He asked for information on Sikes and not finding any, went to a place called The Cripples.  Again he asked for information of Sikes and found none. Finally, he went to Sikes house and found it occupied by only Nancy. He expressed to her is concern about Oliver and Nancy told him that Oliver was better off dead than with them.  Fagin did not agree with her, and convinced that Sikes was not there, finally went back to his own residence. There, lurking in the shadows, he found a mysterious acquaintance of his. He told the man about wanting to find Oliver and the man said that he thought it better for himself at least, that he didn’t.  The only name the mysterious man had was Monks. As they were finishing their conversation, Monks swore that he saw a woman lurking about, but when they searched for her, nothing could be found. 

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