Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 28

As they ran through the fields, Sikes had tried to bring Oliver with him.  After Toby abandoned them however, it became impossible and stays alive at the same time, so he wrapped his shawl around Oliver’s wound and left him in the field.  Then, diverting the attention of the pursuers to him and not Oliver, he fired his pistol and ran. The butler of the house, Mr. Giles, a houseboy who was around the age of thirty, Brittles, and a tinker who was sleeping in the shed were the ones pursuing.  But hearing the gunshot, they soon gave up on their chase and went back to the house. The next morning the three sat telling the tale of the robbery to the cook and the maid. While this was going on, Oliver woke up alone in the field, with his hurt throbbing.  He realized that he had to get help or he would die alone in the field. He wandered to the house they had tried to rob, and knocked on the door. He collapsed, and the men telling the story, along with the women listening answered the door to find him there. They called one of the mistresses of the house and she decided to take care of him, after speaking with her aunt. 

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