Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 3

The board locked up Oliver in what he called the ’dark room’ all day until someone would take him as an apprentice.  After several days of solitary confinement, several beatings, and being made an example of at mealtime, Oliver thought he would do just about anything to leave the workhouse.  However, when a chimneysweep, Mr. Gamfield, came to get the money offered and Oliver the boy quickly changed his mind. The board assessing Mr. Gamfield said that the State would only pay three pounds and ten shillings instead of the five originally offered and Mr. Gamfield accepted.  Mr. Bumble cleaned Oliver up, and brought him before the magistrates. As the magistrates were signing the contracts of Oliver’s indenture, they realized that Oliver was petrified of going with the evil looking Mr. Gamfield. Because of this, they ordered Oliver back to the workhouse from which he came with orders to Mr. Bumble to treat him well. 

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