Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 30

The doctor brought them into the room, and when Rose saw Oliver she sat at his side and wept on his face lamenting that one so young and innocent looking could not be evil.  She pleaded with the doctor and her aunt to not do harm to Oliver, or put him in prison. They agreed that nothing would be decided about what to do with him, until he woke up and they could judge if he had an evil character.  Hours later, Oliver woke and grateful that he was being taken care of, told them the story of his upbringing. The listeners of the tale were in tears, and when he was finished, he quickly fell back to sleep. They left the room and went down to the kitchen to question Mr. Giles to make certain that Oliver was the boy he shot that night in the cellar.  Both Giles and Brittles could not give their oaths that Oliver was the boy they saw, and as they were concluding the interview, someone came to the door. They were horrified to find out it was the Bow Street Runners there to investigate the break in.

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