Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 37

Upon marrying the workhouse matron, the beadle became master of the workhouse.  Two months had gone by and Mr. Bumble already did not like his newly acquired matrimonial state.  He and Mrs. Bumble argued and she bested him, forcing him to wander the streets for a time. Deciding he was thirsty, he stopped into an almost empty tavern and kept looking curiously at the man who sat in their also.  Finally they began talking and the man told Mr. Bumble that he had been searching him out. He asked Mr. Bumble questions about the night Oliver Twist was born, and Bumble answered him as best as he could. The strange man wanted to find the nurse that delivered Oliver, and Bumble told him that she had died the previous winter.  He also informed the strange man that the nurse had told his wife a secret about that night to his wife before she died, and Bumble agreed to bring his wife to see the man the next night. They exchanged the address, and Mr. Bumble found out the man’s name was Monks.

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