Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 4

The board decides that the best thing to do with Oliver is send him out to sea as a cabin boy.  They figure that the sailors will take the best care of him, by which they mean treat him the worst and probably kill him.  As Mr. Bumble is looking into this new arrangement, he runs into Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. Mr. Bumble tells him of young Oliver stating that anyone who takes him off the states hands will receive five pounds.  Mr. Bumble asks if he knows of anyone who needs a boy, and Mr. Sowerberry offers to take him. The board agrees upon the plan, and Mr. Bumble takes Oliver, weeping from loneliness, to the Sowerberry house. He meets both Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry, the serving girl Charlotte.  Mr. Sowerberry gives him a little meat, which he devours and takes him to his bed that is located under the coffin counter. 

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