Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 51

Everyone went to the town of Oliver’s birth, and that night Mr. Brownlow explained, with Monks help the rest of the tale.  After finding out he was ill, Oliver’s father wrote a letter to Agnes that told her of his marriage. It also stated his intentions for the inheritance.  If the child were a girl, the money would go to her unconditionally, and if it were a boy, it would receive it as long as it did not commit an illegal act. Monks and his mother burned the letter along with the will.  After hearing about his daughter’s shame, the military man changed his name and took the girls to Wales. Agnes however, fled her father and walked to London. The military man soon died leaving the other girl child to a poor family there.  This child was Rose. Monks and his mother tried to find Agnes but only found Rose in the hands of sick paupers. They gave them a little money to keep the child safe, but soon Mrs. Maylie came along and feeling sorry for her, adopted her. When Oliver realized that Rose was his aunt, he happily threw himself into her arms.  Harry entered, having overheard the story, and again posed his suit to Rose. She, still feeling that her name had a bad stigma, declined until Harry told her he had given up everything so they could go live quietly in the country together. At this proposal, she accepted. Everyone waited for dinner that night, but the affianced couple and Mrs. Maylie came in they realize that Oliver is crying because his friend young Dick had died.

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