Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 8

Oliver began his walk to London.  He had very little food and had to beg for it on his way.  He walked for seven days and had very little luck getting food or shelter from people in the towns he went through.  He sat with bleeding feet on a doorstep one morning when a curious looking young gentleman around his age began talking to him.  His name was Jack Dawkins He befriended Oliver and asked if he was going to London. Oliver told him he was and explained that he did not know where he would be staying.  Mr. Dawkins told Oliver he could come with him and with his patronage stay with a gentleman he knew. So Oliver went with Jack and saw the filth of London for the first time in the middle of the night.  Jack took Oliver into the house of the gentleman and he met the old Jew, Fagin. Fagin fed him and introduced him to the other boys sitting him in the room who, like Mr. Dawkins, were dressed like little adults.  They were drinking spirits and smoking pipes and Oliver joined them. Fagin gave him a bed to sleep in and he went to sleep.

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