Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Chapter 9

Oliver awoke the next morning to see Fagin examining several watches and rings in a wooden box.  When he discovered Oliver was awake he questioned him on what he had seen, and admired him for his bravery.  Jack, or Dodger, then came in with another boy from the previous evening, Charles Bates, and they showed the old Jew the things they collected from the execution they attended that morning.  They then began playing a game where they would practice picking Fagin’s pockets. Two girls with painted faces, Nancy and Bet came to visit the young men, and after drinking spirits, they went out with the young man.  The Jew pointed out to Oliver what a nice life the young men led, and Oliver asked if they were done working for the day. Fagin said they were and told Oliver to try to lift the handkerchief from his pocket. Oliver succeeded, and began to learn how to ’unmark’ them.

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