Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
Contributed by Jennefer Ruano
Character Analysis

Oliver's mother who died giving birth.  The only thing she left was a locket with her name inscribed.


Woman who delivered Oliver, and later died in the workhouse revealing the story of the locket and the night Oliver was born.

Oliver Twist

The main character of the story, Oliver is an affection-starved little boy who will not commit crimes.  He was abused as a young child, and only wants to be loved. His adventures make him the best of friends and the worst of enemies. 

Mrs. Mann

The woman who raised Oliver for the first nine years.  She treated him and her other orphans very poorly by beating and starving them.

Mr. Bumble

The town beadle who thinks very lowly of Oliver.  He eventually marries Mrs. Corney and makes Oliver's life more difficult. 

Mr. Gamfield

A chimneysweeper who wanted Oliver as an apprentice. 

Mr. Sowerberry

A coffin maker that Oliver was apprenticed to.  He generally treated the boy well, but chose his wife's lies over Oliver's truths.

Mrs. Sowerberry

Wife of the coffin maker who disliked young Oliver.


Maid to the Sowerberry's that ends up running away with Noah and beginning a life of crime.

Noah Claypole

Another worker for the Sowerberry's, Noah antagonizes Oliver when he was there, and when he begins to work for Fagin, his actions lead to the death of Nancy.

Young Dick

A friend of Oliver's at Mrs. Mann's who loves him. 

Jack Dawkins

"Artful Dodger" is a young accomplished thief who finds Oliver on the road to London and introduces him to Fagin.


The main antagonist in the story, "The Jew" takes Oliver under his wing and tries to make a pickpocket out of him.  He is a powerful crime leader who has an affection for only money and will kill anyone who stands in his way.

Charley Bates

Another one of Fagin's thieves who tends to laugh at everything in life.


A woman who works for Fagin.


A woman who works for Fagin and tries to help Oliver which eventually leads to her death.  She is passionate, caring, and loves Sikes, who eventually kills her. 

Mr. Brownlow

A man who Oliver's thief friends rob on the street.  He takes Oliver in, and discovers his true parentage.

Mrs. Bedwin

Mr. Brownlow's housekeeper who nurses Oliver back to health.

Mr. Grimwig

A friend of Mr. Brownlow who is very cynical of the boy but eventually helps to keep him safe.

Mr. Sikes

Another evil character who is a member of Fagin's gang.  He has a little white dog that follows him everywhere. He threatens Oliver and reluctantly leaves him to die in a field after the boy was shot.  He kills Nancy in a rage, and eventually kills himself.

Tom Chitling

Another petty thief of Fagin's.

Toby Crackit

A "flash" man who helps Sikes attempt to commit the robbery.


A thief who helps Sikes. 

Mrs. Corney/ Mrs. Bumble

The matron of the workhouse Oliver was born in who eventually marries Mr. Brumble and here's the confession of the nurse on her deathbed.  She finds the evidence of Oliver's parentage, and sells it to Monks.


The butler of the Maylie household, he is the man who shot Oliver.


The "boy" of the Maylie household who was also there the night Oliver was shot.

Rose Maylie

The adopted niece of Mrs. Maylie who turns out to be Oliver's Aunt.  She is kind, loving, and a great joy in Oliver's life. 

Mrs. Maylie

An old woman who accepts Oliver into her home and finally gives him a loving atmosphere to live in.

Mr. Losberne

The doctor and friend of Mrs. Maylie who helps Oliver in his adventures.  He is impatient and earnest, but also happy and kindhearted.

Blathers Duff

The two Bow Street Runners who come to investigate the attempted robbery.  They are filled with stories to tell, and are suspicious of Oliver.

Harry Maylie

The son of Mrs. Maylie, Harry is deeply in love with Rose and would do anything to marry her.  He befriends Oliver and adds to the boy's loving atmosphere.

Monks/Edward Leeford

Oliver's older half brother who does not want to split his inheritance with the bastard child.  He destroys the evidence of Oliver's mother, and is a cohort of Fagin and his gang

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