Jane Austen
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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

The novel opens with an introduction to Sir Walter Elliot, a baronet and owner of Kellynch Hall. He is described ...

Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

Mr. Shepherd explains that since England is now at peace, many members of the English Navy will soon ...

Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5

Admiral Croft and his wife come to view Kellynch. They like the house as well as the furniture and grounds, and t...

Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

Captain Wentworth visit Kellynch to see Mrs. Croft, his sister. Mr. Musgrove calls on him and likes his company ...

Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

Captain Wentworth is staying at Kellynch for an extended period of time. He frequently visits Upperc...

Chapter 11-12

Chapter 11

Anne plans to end her visit with Mary to go and stay with Lady Russell for a short period of time. She thinks th...

Chapter 13-14

Chapter 13

Louisa slowly begins to recover in Lyme, and the Musgroves are brought continual updates about her health by fa...

Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

When she arrives in Bath, Anne finds that her father and sister are very happy in their house at Camden Place. ...

Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

Anne finds out that Mrs. Smith (who used to be Miss Hamilton) is now in Bath. She is an old school friend of he...

Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

Anne sees Captain Wentworth the day after he arrives in Bath. She is walking with Mrs. Clay, Elizabeth, and Mr....

Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21

Anne visits Mrs. Smith the next morning. She tells her about the concert. Mrs. Smith, however, has already been ...

Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23

The following morning, Anne sets off to spend the day with Mrs. Croft, Captain Wentworth, Captain Harville, and...

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