Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen
Contributed by Tereasa Jacob
Jane Austen
Year Published
Romantic Novel
About the Title

“Pride and Prejudice” sits alongside a number of Jane Austen’s works which had propelled her into popularity in both past and modern discourse on the nature of intimate relationships, especially those focusing on class differences. This novel focuses on two main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy (more commonly as Mr. Darcy), and a number of misconceptions that each have about the other initially that eventually leads to a climatic resolution where each reconciles their prejudices about the other and a relationship buds. On the side, the Bennet family must resolve the issue of marrying off their five daughters to suitable men. In some sense, readers might find surprise in the idea that the genre of romantic comedy in Western canon dates back to at least the 19th century with Austen’s setup. At its core, Elizabeth’s first impression of Mr. Darcy as withdrawn and arrogant invigorates her desire to never consider him as a romantic partner. Mr. Darcy, though actually much more generous and considerate than Elizabeth might believe, cannot make any advances towards her because of his social standing, personal inclinations, and feeling of being judged unfairly first. It is only after a whirlwind of events that each characters’ true colors become apparent and where Elizabeth’s navieté towards life, a theme in the novel, subsides as she learns to look beyond first impressions.

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