Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen
Contributed by Tereasa Jacob
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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1-4

Summary: Chapters 1–2

A wealthy young gentleman named Charles Bingley has decided to rent Netherfield Park, a manor house...

Chapter 5-8

Summary: Chapters 5–6

Sir William Lucas, his wife, and their children are among the Bennets’ neighbors and friends. Cha...

Chapter 9-12

Summary: Chapters 9–10

Lydia and Catherine (Kitty) visit Jane and Elizabeth at Netherfield the next day. Elizabeth is emb...

Chapter 13-17

Summary: Chapters 13–15

The morning after Elizabeth and Jane return home from their stay at Netherfield, Mr. Bennet annou...

Chapter 18-23

Summary: Chapter 18

Elizabeth is very disappointed to discover that Wickham is not at the Netherfield ball. Mr. Denny claim...

Chapter 24-26

Summary: Chapters 24–25

Another letter arrives from Miss Bingley. It praises Georgiana Darcy’s beauty and charm, and sa...

Chapter 27-34

Summary: Chapters 27–29

In March, Elizabeth goes with Sir William Lucas to visit Charlotte and Mr. Collins. On their jour...

Chapter 35-42

Summary: Chapters 35–36

The next day, Elizabeth is given a letter by Darcy when she runs into him on a walk. Elizabeth be...

Chapter 43-45

Summary: Chapter 43

As Elizabeth and the Gardiners tour the beautiful Pemberley, the young lady cannot help but imagine wha...

Chapter 46-49

Summary: Chapter 46

Elizabeth finds two letters from Jane when she returns to her inn. The first letter says that Lydia and...

Chapter 50-55

Summary: Chapters 50–51

Elizabeth suddenly recognizes that her feelings toward Darcy have changed so drastically that she...

Chapter 56-61

Summary: Chapter 56

A week after Jane’s engagement to Bingley, the Bennets receive a sudden visit from Lady Catherine de ...

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