Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn
Contributed by Marshall Raine
Gillian Flynn
Year Published
About the Title

Sharp Objects revolves around the life of journalist Camille Preaker, who returns to her hometown, Wind Gap, Misouri, to cover the death of two girls. Initially, Camille does not want to go back to her hometown, but she eventually agrees to make her boss happy. The book was inspired by Mystic River, written by Dennis Lehane, and deals with violence, dysfunctional families, and self-harm.

The novel has three main and six supporting characters. The main characters include Camille Preaker, Amma Crellin, and Adora Crellin. Camille works for the Chicago Post, a fictional magazine. As a young journalist, she is trying to make a career. She has been suffering for some years as a result of her sister Marian's death. Camille also spent some time in a mental hospital as a result of harming herself. Amma Crellin is Camille's half-sister. She is thirteen years old and lives with her mother in Wind Gap. She is a bully who thinks that life revolves around her. Adora Crellin, is the mother of Camille, Amma, and the late Marian. She is a cold woman who barely loves her children. She is wealthy and owns a business in Wind Gap. 

The supporting characters include Alan Crellin, Richard Willis,, Natalie Keene, Ann Nash, Chief Vickery, John Keene, and Frank Curry. Alan Crellin is Marian and Amma?s biological father, Camille?s stepfather, and Adora?s husband. He is naïve and believes every word Adora says. He also spoils his daughter Amma. Richard Willis is a Kansas detective tasked with investigating the murder of two girls in Wind Gap. Natalie Keene and Ann Kash are the two victims. Ann was nine and Natalie was ten years old. Chief Vickery is the chief of Wind Gap police. He asks the detective to assist in investigating the murders. John Keene is the older brother of Natalie. He is the main suspect in the death of Natalie and does not have an alibi. Frank Curry is Camille's boss. He encourages her to move back to Wind Gap and cover the murder story.

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