Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn
Contributed by Marshall Raine
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Chapter 12

Camille goes to the detective’s apartment carrying a flask of bourbon. On her way there, she is thinking, "bear gifts if you can't bear anything else. I'd stopped wearing skirts. Makes my legs too accessible to someone prone to touching. If he was any more," They both drink and the detective tries to reach her legs and breasts. Camille tells him that she enjoys having sex with clothes on. She then lowers her pants, keeping her stomach covered with clothes and distracts him with kisses. They have sex with their clothes on.

Later on, the detective tells Camille that he suspects John is the murderer. Camille also admits that Natalie bit Adora’s wrist. Afterwards, before Camille leaves, they have sex again. She goes to Garett Memorial Park feeling stupid and sticky. She cannot decide if she was abused by the detective and the football team boys who took her innocence. She has never really been on her side in any argument. Amma shows up with two boys and her friends. She convinces Camille into going with them to drink.

As they enjoy their drinks, Amma pulls out an OxyContin tablet and offers it to Camille, saying that it will make her feel good. Initially, Camille refuses to take the tablet, but Amma starts calling her "Mille." She remembers that her sister Marian used to call her by this nickname. Camille is disappointed and takes the tablet to please Amma. They head out to a party. John and Meredith pull up but later leave because people at the party think that John murdered the two girls. Amma pressures Camille to play Rolling Roulette. Ultimately, Camille accepts to play, blaming the OxyContin tablet, the sex, the booze, the storm, and other bad things for her current poor decision making. Amma then shoves and Ecstasy pill into her half-sister’s mouth. She can tell that Camille is getting nervous, so they both leave. They start clearly bonding and intimately talking. Amma informs Camille that their mother enjoys taking care of her. However, Amma likes having sex after her mother takes care of her.

Camille is bothered by Amma's statement and tries to convince her that sex is not good for a thirteen-year-old girl, but Amma tells her that by letting others do things to her, she is really doing it to them. They run towards their mother’s mansion. When they get home, Amma removes her clothes and climbs into bed with her half-sister. However, Camille goes to bed with her clothes on. Amma attempts to make small talks to justify the things she's done. Camille seems uninterested and pretends not to hear. 


This chapter begins the revelation of the biggest secret of the novel. Adora is slowly poisoning Amma and that she also similarly killed Marian. However, the chapter also emphasizes Camille's troubled life — the strained relationship with Adora and her sexuality. Camille sleeps with the detective but continues to keep him away. She does not allow him to touch her scarred skin and always keeps her clothes on while having sex. Camille does not want the detective to know about the cutting. She fears that by allowing the detective to touch her scarred skin, she would be susceptible to his view of her. However, she decides to remain in control by ensuring that he does not know her secret. The detective is the first person Camille has sex with since her teenage years. It acts as a way of taking back control and power in her life. She had lost this power when she had sex with five boys in high school.

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