Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn
Contributed by Marshall Raine
Chapter 13

Camille awakes panicked and feeling sick. The drugs surely messed her up. She reveals that she does not mind vomiting. Her mother only showed her love and affection when she was throwing up by talking in a soft, soothing voice and holding back her hair. Adora knocks on her door, but she does not open. She unlocks the door and comes in anyway. Amma appears to have lied about the previous night because their mother thinks that her two daughters got food poisoning from the party. Camille feels too feeble to make her mother leave the room, so she decides to start crying. She tells Adora that she is really sick.

Adora then pulls off the covers and sees her naked. Camille immediately covers herself. However, Adora forces her hands to the sides. She prods and pokes at Camille. Adora also tends to Camille’s wounds by forcing her to swallow a pill with milk, claiming that it will make her better. Camille does not like the medicine and attempts to reject it, but she remembers that when she was young, she refused all her mother's medicine. Camille thinks, that refusing is more troubling than submitting, and so she swallows the pill. The following morning, she awakes feeling even sicker than before. Camille heads to Amma’s room where she finds her playing with the dollhouse while naked.

Camille's mother has given her daughters the same pill, and they both feel sick and groggy. Camille asks if she gave the same medicine to Amma before, and Amma reveals that she takes it frequently, though sometimes she throws it away and pretends to have taken it to appease Adora. Camille realizes that it is happening again, the same way it did with her sister Marian. Her mother may have killed Marian and the two girls. She throws up again in her room and then heads out.

Although Camille is sick, she decides to visit Jackie. At Jackie's house, she meets Geri, a friend from high school, working as a maid for Jackie. She does not understand why Geri decided to stay in the town. However, she apprehends that the town is as divided as it was in the old days when she was in school. Jackie and Camille talk about Wind Gap gossip. They also talk about Adora’s mother, who they describe as cold, the opposite of motherly. The conversation ends with Jackie advising Camille to leave town because something bad might happen to her there.


This chapter reveals how Adora is poisoning her daughter, Amma. It also focuses on how Camille appears powerless towards Adora. In the chapter, Camille is clearly at a physical and emotional low point, feeling defeated and sick from the experiences and drugs she took the previous night. When her mother goes to her room, she does not have the emotional or physical strength to push her away. Adora still has power over Camille, even though she previously admitted that she does not like or love her. Adora still desires to control the lives of her daughters. The powerlessness of Camille around her mother is connected to her lack of control around men. The fact that she cannot tell whether the boys raped her demonstrates her powerlessness.

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