Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn
Contributed by Marshall Raine
Chapter 14

Camille contemplates how much traffic the body of a woman experiences. Speculums and tampons, vibrators, cocks, fingers, and more, from behind, between her legs, even in her mouth. Men love putting things inside their women. Bananas, cucumbers and bottles, magic markers, fists and others. Camille recalls that at one point a man wanted to put a Walkie-Talkie inside her Vagina. She tries to understand whether she and her half-sister were actually sick, or their mother’s pills were making them feel sick. She goes to a bar and meets John drunk in a booth alone. She gets a drink and goes straight to him.

He tells her that Camille is the only one who comprehends how it feels to have a sister taken from you. They both have a strong connection. John compliments Camille by calling her beautiful. Camille also tells him he is beautiful too. John does not want to see Meredith, his girlfriend. He also does not want to go home, and so Camille takes him to a hotel and gets him a room. She gives him water and then puts him to sleep. He takes Camille's hand and starts tracing an exposed scar. He rolls Camille's sleeve, and she does not stop him from looking.

John is the only one Camille has ever allowed to see her scars. He removes her clothes, and she does not stop him. They are naked in bed together, and John puts his mouth on her nipples. She has never allowed a man to suck her nipple ever since she started cutting fourteen years ago. "His hands ran all over me, and I let them: my back, my breasts, my thighs, my shoulders. His tongue in my mouth, down my neck, over my nipples, between my legs, then back to my mouth." She allows John to touch her whole body, and then they have sex, and she came several times. The following morning, Camille attempts to cover her scars, and then hears a bang at the door.

It's Chief Vickery and the detective. They tell Camille that her mother became worried when she failed to go home the previous night. From what the two can see and smell, its crystal clear that John and Camille had sex, and the detective seems upset. The two men then leave, and Camille decides to take John to his parents. John tells Camille that she literally saved his life the previous night because he would have done something bad if she left him alone. Camille later goes to see the detective. She attempts to make him believe that she never slept with John.

In order to convince the detective, Camille kneels and attempts to unzip her trouser. This makes her feel like she was back in the old days, submitting to men, making them feel better, in order to like her again. However, the detective stops her before she can do anything. He then tells her to go. She goes to her car and falls asleep in the back because she did not want to go home. Eventually, she decides to visit Katie Lacey hoping to get more gossip about the killings. Katie and Camille talk over tea and Katie reveals that once when she volunteered at the school, Ann Nash stabbed Natalie Keene with a needle in her cheek.


In this chapter, Camille has sex with John who is the only man she has shown her scars to. The moment she has with John is the only vulnerable and intimate time she shares with a man in the novel. However, it is still obscured by alcohol's effects. Nearly every moment Camille has spent in Wind Gap, she has been intoxicated by her half-sister’s drugs, her mother’s poison, or alcohol. Therefore, even if she shares the intimate moment with John, it can be argued that she is still hiding behind alcohol and her clothes. In the morning, Camille tries to hide her scars proving that she was regretting her vulnerability the previous night.

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