Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn
Contributed by Marshall Raine
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Chapter 17

Adora is apprehended for killing Natalie, Ann and Marian. Alan pays the bail for Adora, but Amma is taken by Camille to Chicago as the court ordered. To Camille, Amma appears full of anxiety and wildly needy. She is like a detained wildcat. She enjoys asking angry questions like why does everything seem so loud, how will we live in a such a small house, is it unsafe outside? Amma also demands Camille to prove that she loves her. Initially, Amma agrees to see a therapist but later refuses to attend sessions. Instead, she decides to spend time playing with the dollhouse. Camille does everything she could to love her half-sister, but Amm seems to miss the comfort of her previous life and old home. Alan enrolls her in a private school, and she makes a friend, Lily Burke.

Amma invites her new friend to Camille's house frequently but stops abruptly because she thinks Camille loves Lily more than she loves her. Amma does not understand love given the unhealthy relationship she had with Adora. Camille decides to wash her, to prove she loves her. Camille notices that Amma’s body is stunning, she has small legs and voluptuous breasts. Lily disappears, and after four days her body is found in a dumpster close to Camille's house. The body is missing six teeth, and since Adora is in prison, Camille knows that Amma must have killed the girl. She searches her room and finds that the ivory floor of the dollhouse belonging to Amma is made of teeth. The floor had fifty-six small teeth, bleached and cleaned. Amma is arrested for killing Natalie, Ann and Lily. 


This chapter mostly deals with Adora's apprehension. The tension in the novel is slowly wrapped up in this final chapter and the epilogue. Camille really wants to leave the past behind and start fresh. She takes her half-sister to Chicago as the court orders, but she genuinely desires to bond with Amma. She tries to show her love in several ways but first takes her to a psychiatrist. She occasionally hugs her and even bathes her. However, she still notices how different she is from Amma. This happens every time she sees her body. Amma has not changed one bit. She makes a friend who she invites to Camille's house frequently. Camille starts to bond with Amma’s friend, Lily. It is only when Lily disappears and is later found dead that Camille realizes that Amma murdered Ann, Natalie, and now Lily.

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