Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn
Contributed by Marshall Raine
Chapter 18

Adora is guilty of Marian’s death and Amma will be in prison until she turns eighteen. Camille visits her mother in prison and notices that she has shaved her hair. She thinks it is an effort to appear tougher. However, it made her look otherworldly. Amma tells Camille that Natalie and Ann were her friends and that the three of them murdered a cat. However, when her mother started getting close to Ann and Natalie, she became jealous. She did not want to share anything that was hers. Camille goes to live with Frank who is married. She sees him and his wife as her parents because they care for her. She finally quits drinking. The book ends with Camille revealing that she is learning to be kind. 


The novel ends with Camille seeking a fresh start. Now that Amma and Adora are in jail, she quits drinking and moves in with her boss. She allows herself to be nurtured and parented for the first time. Camille's eventual submission shows a purer vulnerability than her encounters with Adora and John. It demonstrates a need to leave the past behind.

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