Sharp Objects
Gillian Flynn
Contributed by Marshall Raine

Review by Abby Yellman, 2013

Yellman begins with a quote from Sharp Objects she finds interesting: “Sometimes I think illness sits inside every woman, waiting for the right moment to bloom.” The quote is from the second paragraph of chapter fourteen of the book. Yellman, also hints that she has been reading Gone Girl which she thinks has continued to haunt and amaze its readers (Yellman para.1). She is a real fan of Gillian Flynn and found herself somewhat disenchanted with other thrillers she was reading. To her delight, she stumbled across Sharp Objects. When she started reading it, she could not stop until it was finished.

Yellman provides the reader with a brief plot overview of the book. Her overview covers the most interesting scenes in the book and introduces the main characters. In this review, Yellman also mentions that Stephen King, a veteran author of the triller genre, highly respects Flynn's writing. King describes the book as more than a terrific debut. He found himself dreading the last pages of the book, but he could not stop flipping through the pages. After he finished the book, the story kept coming back to his mind (Yellman para. 4).

Review by The Guardian, 2015

The Guardian’s review of Sharp Objects starts by stating that the author, Gillian Flynn, became famous after the release of her last book, Gone Girl. The book was a great success to Flynn and won several awards in 2014. In comparison to Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, which was her debut novel, seems to have gained little popularity despite being around for more than ten years. The reviewer, however, believed that Sharp Objects is the best book Flynn has ever written.

The review then continues by summarizing the book including a brief overview of the essential elements the novel has to offer. According to this particular review, the book's engineering is unique because it sets the writer and the novel apart from other writers. Parts of the novel are disturbing and there is a heightened level of suspense. When reading the book, one has to restrain themselves from jumping ahead to the last chapter so they can be free from the misery of guessing who killed the girls. The reviewer states that they have always been able to correctly guess the final outcome of the novels they read, however, they were not able to resolve the mystery in this novel until the end. The review highly commends Flynn for her classic stray characters and plot twists tossed. The review also describes the story as one that contains everything a perfect thriller should include.

Although the reviewer wants to recommend the book to all readers, they hesitate to do so for several reasons. First, the book is full of dark mysteries which some readers may find hard to digest. He warns of explicit descriptions of animal abuse, self-harm, death, terror, and substance overdose. The author also warns that this is not a book for readers who want stories that end with hope and happy moments.

Review by Dino Parenti, 2014

Parenti provides the most detailed review of the book. He not only summarizes the book but also analyses it. His summary is detailed with quotes that capture almost every important detail of the story. However, it still leaves some details for the reader to explore. The summary chronologically outlines the story's event, guiding the reader through what to expect in the novel. 

Parenti describes the novel as a ruthless and compelling character study of a female fighting to rescue her identify from genetics and history. According to Parenti, Flynn has artfully crafted the plot and structure of the book. She adds twists and shocking revelations that keep the reader excited.

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