Shattered - Inside Hillary Clintons Doomed Campaign
Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen
Contributed by Marshall Raine
Chapter 11

Hillary Clinton was unable to persuade white Democratic voters at a manufacturing plant in Michigan because her speeches were not resonating with the white middle-class voters (Allen and Parnes 155). While her aides were pointing to delegate math, Sanders was on the ground convincing voters why they should vote for him (Independents were also allowed to vote in the primaries and Bernie was gaining approval among them). Trump’s messages were also gaining traction among the Republicans. Eventually, she lost the Michigan primary to Sanders (Allen and Parnes 169). This alone was proof enough that her campaign strategies were flawed, something that friends and donors had previously raised issues with. Almost immediately after, Clinton began making changes. Minyon Moore, a close confidant, appointed to be the head of Brooklyn, and Jake Sullivan (Clinton’s policy chief) was made the head of campaign strategies. In short, Clinton made Moore and Sullivan Mook’s deputies. (Allen and Parnes 172).


This chapter mostly highlights the vital signs that alarmed Clinton of her failing campaign strategy. They were signs not only indicative for the other primaries, but also for the general election. Her relentless focus on the minorities had cost her the white middle-class and college-educated voters in Michigan; perhaps not just Michigan, but the entire nation at large. She did not pick up on how Sanders and Trump were taking over the white middle-class voters in  both Democratic and Republican camps. Her campaign had problems, but she was somehow blind to this fact. The loss of the Michigan primary was a revelation for Clinton, which led to the reassessment of the campaign team’s organization. Whether the changes she made were the right ones would later be seen in the remaining primaries.

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