Shattered - Inside Hillary Clintons Doomed Campaign
Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen
Contributed by Marshall Raine
Chapter 13

The inability of Clinton’s campaign staffer, to see things as they were, was another reason she lost the general election to Trump (Allen and Parnes 197). When Trump won the Republican race, they all thought it was positive news for them. Clinton’s campaign team worshipped data so much that they forget the other crucial aspects of campaigning. Mook used analytics as a decider, rather than as a guiding tool (Allen and Parnes 206). The campaign team, and even Bill, thought that it was all too easy for them. They also depended on Obama’s support to tip the scales to their favor; it was clear to them that Hillary Clinton would be the first woman President of the United States (Allen and Parnes 211).

Mook relied too much on the modern campaigning and neglected to pay attention to what Trump was doing on the ground. The team completely ignored any advice that warned them of the possibility of Trump winning the election and thought that they had everything figured out. According to them, Trump was unpopular among the minorities, particularly the Hispanics (Allen and Parnes 215). More importantly, he was not qualified to be a president. While they were counting on this inane facts, Trump’s campaign team was using a very different approach towards winning the election. Instead of focusing on the competitive states, he concentrated on the Rust Belt States, which had many electoral votes (Allen and Parnes 216).


In this chapter, the authors posit that Clinton’s campaign team was so convinced they would win the election that they ignored Trump’s strategies of wooing the voters. While they were focusing their attention on the media and in advertisements, Trump was striking a chord with white middle-class voters in states holding a majority of the electoral votes. The analytics approach adopted by Mook was failing him, which was not apparent at the time because his belief of an inferior candidate as their opposition had blindsided him. They thought it was all too easy because Trump was unpopular. It turned out Clinton was more unpopular than Trump.

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