Shattered - Inside Hillary Clintons Doomed Campaign
Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen
Contributed by Marshall Raine
Chapter 21

This chapter focuses on what she did after losing the election. First, she had to give a concession speech, in which she had to comfort her fellow Americans who thought that Trump’s government would do them harm. Yet, the speech should not look political — as she would appear as a sore loser if she criticized Trump (Allen and Parnes 330). After the loss, she kept asking Mook what they did wrong, and his reply every time was that the data they had was wrong. A lot of things had happened, and they were now clear to her. Starting from the first e-mail scandal, the primary elections against Sanders, her sickness, Podesta’s e-mails, and Comey’s letter to Congress. According to the authors, the Clinton’s political reign was over (Allen and Parnes 337). However, sources revealed that they were grooming their daughter, Chelsea, to become a congresswoman (Allen and Parnes 338).


This chapter discusses Clinton's exit from politics, They had hoped the 2016 elections would be their comeback to the White House; instead, this shall remain only as a dream; it was over for them. The story is complete, and this chapter closes what the authors consider a revelation of what went wrong in her campaign. According to the authors, the campaign failed Clinton as much as she had failed herself.

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