Shattered - Inside Hillary Clintons Doomed Campaign
Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen
Contributed by Marshall Raine
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Chapter 3

Allen and Parnes discuss the ascent of Bernie Sanders, an inferior-but-troublesome candidate who gave Hillary Clinton many sleepless nights (Allen and Parnes 38). The authors also discuss how Trump’s ascendance captivated the media, discouraged other Republican candidates, and dominated private and public conversations throughout the nation. In some ways, both Sanders and Trump took advantage of the failure of Clinton’s campaign to woo voters. They used this advantage to discredit most of her past work, both as a senator and the Secretary of State. According to the authors, though Sanders and Trump worshipped two different ideologies, they shared various similarities: they denounced the transnational trade deals as well as the government’s foreign policy; and they objected a Washington establishment that rewarded financial and political insiders regardless of which political party was ruling (Allen and Parnes 40). Trump was very successful in convincing the white voters by appealing to their distrust of a government ingrained in less-educated, lower-income voters. Among the liberals, a similar dynamic took hold, which led to Bernie Sanders’ rising popularity, and people seemed not to care about the socialist tag attached to him (Allen and Parnes 51).


The authors believe that the ascent of Sanders and Trump may have contributed to the initial troubles of Clinton’s campaign. The team somehow lost morale in the beginning, and it took a while before they gained momentum. While Clinton was struggling to tell people why she was running for the most powerful job on the planet, Sanders and Trump were gaining popularity on a daily basis. Her failure to mobilize her people, to defend her tarnished legacy, may have resulted in the ultimate defeat. Both Sanders and Trump were against everything she stood for; and rather than coming out to defend herself and convince the voters otherwise, she was still figuring out why she was running. Her campaign’s organizational weaknesses made it extremely hard for them to respond to any critiques.

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