Shattered - Inside Hillary Clintons Doomed Campaign
Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen
Contributed by Marshall Raine

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton?s Doomed Campaign was published by Crown Publishing on April 18, 2017 (?Shattered?). The book was released a few months after the election and aims to establish why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. It used a huge number of the authors? contacts in what they like to call ?Hillaryworld? Interestingly, it is not the first time the authors have written a book about Hillary Clinton. In 2014, the authors used most of these same contacts to gather information about Clinton?s preparation for the presidential race, where they collected information to write a book called HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton. Shattered spent eight weeks in the list of The New York Times? bestsellers ("Shattered" par. 2).

The authors were inspired by the fact that the victory of Trump over Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election shocked the entire world. News reports, polls, political analysts and almost everything Hillary Clinton was hearing during the final weeks indicated that she would be the first female President of the United States ("Shattered" par. 1).

In this compelling book, the authors write that Clinton?s loss suddenly made perfect sense when it came to their one-and-a-half year?s reporting, which had turned up many signs that seemed incorrect due to the predictions of media outlets ? specifically on how Clinton was deemed more popular than Trump. The authors present a narrative of a ?spirit-crushing? and wildly dysfunctional campaign that adopted many flawed strategies, which were mostly data-driven. Allen and Parnes notes that the campaign was passive-aggressive ("Shattered" par. 3), how they failed to act on advice provided by many Democratic operatives residing in critical swing states. Clinton also ignored the advice of her husband, Bill, and various party leaders of The Democratic Party, who urged her to focus the campaign on ambivalent and undecided voters, such as millennials and working-class whites, rather than concentrating on key supporters from rally turnouts.

In Shattered, the authors outline a number of factors that contributed to the devastating loss suffered by Clinton. They talk about the meddling of the Russians in the US election to assist in the electing of Trump, the decision of James Comey, the F.B.I. director at the time, to reopen the investigation after Wikileaks leaked new emails a few weeks prior to the general election, the rise of Sanders and Trump, and other factors.

The book also contains information on why some close confidants and aides of Clinton thought she was to blame for the loss, arguing that her actions and behavior before the campaign and after had hamstrung her chances to the extent that she could not recover. For instance, the private e-mail server, her involvement in the Clinton Foundation, the Goldman Sachs speech, and the ?deplorable? comment ? all of which had worked against her.

Allen and Parnes have done a lot of research on Clinton and her inner circle, where the information presented in Shattered was collected through background interviews. Those interviewed were promised anonymity, and that the book would only be released after the presidential election had concluded. The portrait of Clinton?s campaign created by this book is that of an epic tragedy, like the Titanic disaster comprised of a sequence of avoidable and perverse missteps by a candidate who was often out-of-touch with the voters. The authors wrote this book to show the public how the campaign team turned a winnable race into a devastating loss that history will always remember.

About the Authors

Jonathan Allen

Allen is currently a columnist at Roll Call and a adjunct professor at Northwestern University. He has received the Dirksen and Hume Award and extensively written about politics in the nation for more than ten years. Previously, he was Politico?s White House Bureau Chief and Bloomberg News? Washington Bureau Chief. 

Amie Parnes

Parnes currently works in Washington, D.C. as a political correspondent for The Hill. During the 2016 Presidential Election, she covered Hillary Clinton; but she is now covering The Democratic Party?s rebuilding. She has worked as a political journalist for more than ten years. Before covering Hillary Clinton, she was assigned to Obama?s 2012 and 2008 elections for The Hill and Politico respectively.

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