Slaughterhouse Five
Kurt Vonnegut
Contributed by Marinda Dreiling
Discussion Questions

Slaughterhouse Five Focuses On The Bombing Of





Vonnegut Tracks Down Bernard O’hare To

Kill Him

Try To Remember Things That Happened In The War, To Help Vonnegut Write His Book On Dresden

Find O’hare’s Wife, With Whom Vonnegut Had Fallen In Love

Look Up Billy Pilgrim

In A Hotel Room In Boston, Vonnegut Reads Which Bible Story?

The Story Of Sodom And Gomorrah And The Fate Of Lot’s Wife

The Story Of Adam And Eve And The Expulstion From Paradise

The Story Of Esther And How She Saved The Jews

The Story Of Jesus And His Trip To Mount Sinai

In That Same Hotel Room, Vonnegut Feels Like Something Very Strange Is Happening To

To His Wife, Hundreds Of Miles Away

All Of The Clocks And Watches

All Of The Words On His Newspaper

In New York City

Billy Pilgrim Is From The Town Of

Gomorrah, Maine

Athens, Georgia

Ilium, New York

New York, New York

The Name Of Billy’s Hometown Is An Allusion To

The Golden Age Of Greece

The American Dream

The Old Testament Story Of Lot

The Doomed City Of Troy

Billy Believes He Has Been Abducted By Aliens From

The Soviet Union




Billy Travels Through Time Because

He Has A Chip In His Brain

He Has Become "Unstuck In Time"

He Is An Alien

He Has A Special Machine

Billy’s Physicality Could Best Be Described As

Tall But Strong

Short And Fat

Tall And Weak

Tall And Muscular

Billy Was Trained To Be A/An



Chaplain’s Assistant

Anti-tank Gunner

Billy First Gets Shipped To Europe In The Middle Of

The Normandy Invasion

The Battle Of The Bulge

The Battle Of Stalingrad

The Battle Of Britain

Wandering Behind Enemy Lines, Billy Falls In With

Three Scouts Called The "Three Musketeers"

Bernard O’hare And Kurt Vonnegut

Two Scouts And An Anti-tank Gunner

None Of The Above

Roland Weary Could Best Be Described As

A Pacifist

A True And Faithful Friend

Fat, Stupid, And Mean

A Scrappy Fighter Who Knows How To Survive Behind Enemy Lines

Roland Imagines That He Is


Good Friends With The Scouts; They Call Themselves The "Three Musketeers"

A Ninja Warrior Called Saboro

Enemies With Billy, Called "Devil-child"

Billy And Roland Are Captured By


An All-female Combat Unit

German Irregulars

Ss Troops

Roland Dies Of


Gangrene In His Feet


A Bullet Wound

On The Train, None Of The Men Wants To Sleep Next To Billy Because

He Smells

He’s Black

He Talks And Kicks In His Sleep

All Of The Above

Trafalmadorians Experience Time


Forwards, Then Backwards

All At Once, With All Things Happening Simultaneously

Backwards, Then Forwards

Billy’s Attitude Toward Everything That Befalls Him Could Best Be Described As

Angry And Violent

Happy And Sad

Passive And Accepting

Resentful And Defiant

Billy’s Father Dies

From Suicide

At Normandy

In A Hunting Accident

At Auschwitz

Billy Eventually Becomes A



Catholic Priest

Ambassador To China

The Trafalmadorians Put Billy In

An Underwater Habitat

A Dog Kennel

A Terrarium-like Habitat Made To Look Like An Earthling’s Home

Suspended Animation

In His Habitat, Billy Wears


A Clown Suit

A Business Suit

His Old Military Uniform

Billy Marries

Valencia, The Daughter Of His Optometry School’s Owner And Founder

Svetlana, A Russian Girl

Kurt Vonnegut’s Sister, Clarice

Montana Wildhack, An Alien Princess

Paul Lazarro Is

An Italian Doctor Who Help Billy To Escape

The Pseudonym Of Billy’s Alien Kidnapper

A Former Car Thief Who Threatens To Have People Killed After The War

A High School Teacher From Ilium

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