Sounds Like Titanic
Jessica Chiccehito Hindman
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Jessica Chiccehito Hindman
Year Published
About the Title

Written byJessica Chiccehito Hindman, Sounds Like Titanic is an engaging memoir bringing forth the theme of fakery through various incidences that the author faces. While most activities in this memoir are fake, they are real events that transpired. The author’s ambitions of being a successful violinist lead her to get hired by an American composer referred to this story as “The Composer”. Although The Composer is renowned for his musical prowess in composing, Hindman realizes there is a lot of fakeries involved. Hindman, The Composer, and the musicians working for him by touring cities in the U.S. to perform in concerts, and the author realizes they have been playing along to the Titanic soundtrack with their microphones switched off, depicting fraud. Multiple events in the memoir portray the fakery existing in different situations in her venture to pursue her dream.

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