Team of Vipers
Cliff Sims


Karim Chandra

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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

Sims introduces the book by describing his initial meetings with Donald Trump. The contact between him and Trump happened out of Sims’ curiosity,...

Chapter 2

Sims begins this chapter by describing his first day working with the Trump campaign team. When he arrived at Trump Tower, he found himself in — ...

Chapter 3

The real challenges for Sims begin in this chapter. He recounts that, “The morning after the Access Hollywood tape was released, a Satur...

Chapter 4

“More often than not, the first moments of each morning began with a suddenly racing heartbeat and a scramble for my phone to see if the Presiden...

Chapter 5

Reports in the media indicate that Trump is not happy with the White House. While Trump was known to have a taste for the finer things in life, it ...

Chapter 6

The entry of Jeff Sessions breathed new life at the White House. When officials gathered to witness the swearing-in of Sessions as the new Attorney...

Chapter 7

The relationship between Trump and GOP leaders was not good. Just a few months ago, Trump has been abandoned by his party and was not the type of m...

Chapter 8

There are values and virtues for which the United States has been recognized for over the years; it has always been on the forefront in the fight f...

Chapter 9

Sims begins this chapter by quoting a Trump salvo thrown at Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ fame. Trump had twe...

Chapter 10

In 2016, Trump declared his support for the black community in the United States. In a speech given on the day, he spoke eloquently about the pligh...

Chapter 11

A Tale of Two Generals starts with a meeting convened by Steve Bannon to examine what ought to have been discussed by military generals an...

Chapter 12

In spite of the fierce political competition and power wars in the White House, there were a number of professionals who were honestly concerned wi...

Chapter 13

The love-hate relationship between Trump and the media is down to many reasons. One of these has to do with Trump’s personality, specifically whe...

Chapter 14

Working for Trump is very difficult for many reasons. In one instance, the President and his officers disagreed on the best approach to use in figh...

Chapter 15

Seemingly, it was not only Sims who was experiencing bad times at the White House. Against popular belief, that working for the President is a luxu...

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